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A New Perspective

Ellen Sharon

Like every other business in Connecticut deemed ‘non-essential’, we spent the last ten weeks with our doors closed to the public. In the absence of visitors, and with the phones quiet, I spent a fair amount of time alone in the Shop, surrounded by our wonderful inventory. As the world moved further into the nightmare of Covid-19, I found myself looking at our furniture and decorative art from a new perspective.

Our Shop is full of survivors. Somehow, they made it through a Revolutionary War, a Civil War, and two World Wars. They made it through the Great Depression, and past recessions and pandemics. They weathered floods, fires, tornados and hurricanes of past centuries.

They are quintessentially American; a testament to our ability as a nation to emerge from trauma, to pick up the pieces and move forward into the future. They embody strength, thoughtful design and brilliant execution. Each piece of Americana is imbued with our history as a people, both the good days and the dark days. They endured. And they are still here.

And so are we.