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Nathan Liverant and Son is proud to be celebrating 100 years in the business of handling fine Americana. Our business has bought and sold thousands of objects over three generations. We have had the privilege of handling objects fashioned by some of the finest craftsmen of the 18th and 19th century.

Our 100 remarkable years in business began in 1920 with Nathan Liverant. At the age of 11 years, Nathan was put on a boat in Odessa, Russia to travel alone to a better life in America. Unfortunately, Nathan’s family never joined him in the new country.


In 1912, Nathan made a delivery trip to a coat factory in Colchester, Connecticut where he immediately fell in love with the town. Nathan later returned with his wife Esther and infant son to settle in Colchester. He supported his young family by doing odd jobs around town and working as a liveryman. By 1920 Nathan acquired a truck, using it to buy and sell scrap metal and other commodities. He soon expanded his business into buying and selling “old furniture” and household goods. Legend has it that one truck full of goods, bought from a local home, yielded the seed of our present antiques business. Nathan left the day’s purchases temporarily on his front lawn where the objects quickly drew the attention of a driver who stopped to take a closer look. The passerby showed interest in a blanket chest, Nathan quoted a fair price, and the purchase was made. That day, Nathan Liverant and Son was born.

In the 1930’s, his son, Zeke, joined Nathan in the growing business. During World War II Zeke served in the Army, and upon returning home to Colchester he focused his attention on a commitment to work at his father’s Antiques Shop. Zeke’s impact on the established business was a focus on New England furniture and decorative arts. In 1949, Nathan and Zeke relocated their business from the outskirts of town to the vacated 1835 Baptist Meeting House on Main Street, our present location. Arthur Liverant, Zeke’s son, and the third generation, joined the business in 1971 continuing the pursuit of the finest examples of Americana available.

In 90 years Nathan Liverant and Son has experienced many collecting trends and market fluctuations. One constant remains; buy the best Americana available, pay the seller a fair price, represent the objects honestly to the buyer and strive to build long-term relationships with the client.

ASLArthur Liverant
American antiques have surrounded Arthur since his birth. He is the third generation owner of Nathan Liverant and Son and began his career apprenticeship as a young child folding packing blankets, polishing brass and loading boxes. Family dinners at the Liverant household were spiked with enthusiastic discussions about the new discoveries that either his grandfather Nathan, or his father Zeke, had found.

Arthur remains passionate about antiques and enjoys sharing great finds with all who share his keen interest in history and American antiques. He is continually making an effort to refine his eye for great examples of Americana.

KJT w chair
Kevin Tulimieri

Kevin J. Tulimieri has been working with Nathan Liverant and Son Antiques since 1999. Following a background in historical research and genealogy, Kevin is dedicated to continual learning and understanding the world of Americana. He can be found in the Shop, on the Road and at the Shows. But without a doubt, Kevin is most at home browsing through the library or crawling inside a chest of drawers. Growing up in New England, Kevin has long had a fascination with our local history and the relics of our past. He has published numerous articles, including pieces in The Magazine Antiques, The New England Antiques Journal and Antiques and Fine Art.

10153804_753202901391549_3462437226526526452_nEllen Sharon

Ellen has a deep appreciation for outstanding workmanship, and for the stories behind the craftsmen and artisans and their creations. She serves as Chair of the Colchester Historic District Commission, and is lovingly preserving and restoring two neighboring National Register of Historic Places properties.  With a background in public accounting and as a successful entrepreneur, Ellen brings a wealth of experience in client service, day-to-day management, organizational efficiency and planning.  A passionate animal advocate, Ellen also serves as President of the Board of Directors of the Connecticut Humane Society.

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Gigi Liverant

Gigi was introduced to the antiques business over thirty years ago when she met Arthur Liverant. She currently serves as a consultant and creative director for Nathan Liverant and Son, striving to visually communicate the unique assets of the ninety plus year old business to the public through print ads, this web site and calendars.

When not brainstorming a creative idea for the antiques shop, she works as a fine artist in her studio. Gigi has been painting and exhibiting her artwork for more than thirty years. To see examples of her work visit GigiLiverant.com

Sarah Smith Levine
Sarah’s interest in historical artifacts began with a ship’s log handed down through the family from the 1700’s.  Her great uncle Ariel A. Varges (1890-1972) was one of the first pioneering newsreel cameramen in American film history, and collected items and stories from around the world.  After a successful career as a Microsoft engineer, she heeded the call and brought her technology, project management, and customer service skills to Nathan Liverant and Son.

Weekends usually find her on stage performing for benefits, galas, and weddings with her band, Rock and Soul Revue, which has been entertaining crowds for over sixteen years.