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IKEA – I Get It.

Ellen Sharon

I’ve heard many an antique dealer bemoan the IKEA phenomenon, but I get it. I remember my years as a young adult when money was tight, when function was paramount, when I was less than confident in any sense of style or decorating ability, and when I had no desire to be tied down by my belongings, hoping not to live in my first apartment one minute longer than I had to. If IKEA had existed then, I definitely would have shopped there.

But eventually, most of us grow up. We want to spend our money on things of value instead of a short lived bargain. We know what we like when we see it, and it isn’t “Fraternity Revival”. If we haven’t exactly set down permanent roots, we can at least see ourselves where we are for a few years.   We are ready for some furniture that befits an up-and-coming adult.

If you’ve ever been drawn to American antiques, this is the time to get in the game. Supply is strong as older collectors downsize their homes, and you may be pleasantly surprised by just how affordable it is to own a bit of history.

You can plunk down a significant amount of money on a piece of modern furniture. Sadly, that piece will have a life expectancy of somewhere between 3 and 15 years. It will often be imported, constructed from unnamed hardwoods, wood composites, and even partially made from partical board. Resale value will be negligable, and your piece will have been mass produced for mass appeal.

Contrast that with an American antique in the same price range, which has already existed for several hundred years, and will last several hundred more, made in America from named old-growth solid hardwoods, likely to hold or even appreciate in value, and individually crafted by a master cabinetmaker or joiner for individual expression. And, of course, buying antiques is as green as it gets: recycling at its finest.

We invite you to poke around our inventory, and start falling in love with the wonderful world of Americana.