“Ann on the Cliff”

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Landscape of “Ann on the Cliff”, featuring a woman seated under a tree with a ship at sea in the distance.
New England, 1800 – 1825.
Watercolor on paper.
Held in a period molded and black painted frame.

What makes it special? This watercolor of “Ann on the Cliff” appears to have been a piece of schoolgirl art created from an unknown print source.  A nearly identical scene, also titled “Ann on the Cliff”, but featuring an elaborate floral, vine and cornucopia border, was sold at Knotty Pine Auction on November 1, 2009.  That view is also unsigned, although it does have a history of previous ownership by the Bennington Museum. It is likely that both works were created at the same Schoolgirl Academy, as both ships feature numerous similarities, including the blue dress and unusual blue rectangles between the ship’s hull and the sails.