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A rare and important Mocha double jug with blue, brown and white slip decoration. English, 1820-1840.
Gray earthenware body with polychrome slip decoration. H-10″, L-15″, D-7″

Why is it special?

The interior shows a round opening that joins the two jugs. This rare Mocha double jug is one of only six or seven similar jugs that appear to have originated in the same shop in England.  The form consists of two hand thrown jugs joined at the mid-section, with an arched handle and a molded foot.  One of the jugs features a solid top and the other an open top. Two closely related double jugs are illustrated and discussed in “Mocha and related dipped wares, 1770 – 1939”, by Jonathan Rickard, Figures 90 and 93, pages 64 and 65.  The double jug illustrated in Figure 90 shows a nearly identical form and coloration.  The two notable differences found on the double jug described above are the wavy double line border around the rim and the addition of “cat’s eye” decoration on the brown band of the shoulder.