Miniature Portrait of Hannah Moore, by Ellsworth

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Miniature portrait of Hannah Moore in blue and white striped dress.

Signed lower right by the artist, James Sanford Ellsworth (1802-1874) of Connecticut, 1825 – 1850.

Watercolor on paper.

Held in a replaced period molded, black painted and gilt frame.

This important watercolor on paper portrait of a woman, identified as Hannah Moore, wearing a blue and white striped dress, is signed in the lower right by the artist, “-Ellsworth. Painter.-“, for James Sanforth Ellsworth (1802-1874) of Connecticut.  His work is found throughout Connecticut and into Rhode Island, Western Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire and around Albany, New York.  Ellsworth is a well-documented artist and a select group of his miniature portraits. He is known for his distinctive style that included detailed faces and clothing, as well as Classical chairs or figures that seem to float on puffy gray clouds.  This fine portrait is illustrated in “James S. Ellsworth, Portrait Painter” by Lucy B. Mitchell, Catalogue A129, pages 90 and 91.  Mitchell reports that the sitter is identified as Hannah Moore by a later inscription on the reverse.  At the time of the publication of her book, in 1974, the portrait of Hannah Moore was in her own personal collection.