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Creamware transfer decorated teapot and cover featuring polychrome decoration showing two scenes from the Prodigal Son, “The Prodigal Son in Excess” and “The Prodigal Son in Misery”.
Attributed to William Greatbatch, England, 1770 – 1782.

A closely related Tea Pot and Cover from the Prodigal Son series, and attributed to William Greatbatch 1770 – 1782, was part of the Harriet Carlton Goldweitz Collection sold at Sotheby’s New York January 20, 2006, Lot 175. The series of Prodigal Son Tea Pots features six prints paired on three tea pots, including;: “The Prodigal Son Receives his Patrimony” with “The Prodigal Son takes his Leave”; “The Prodigal Son in Excess” with “The Prodigal Son in Misery”; and “The Prodigal Son returns Reclaim’d” with “The Prodigal Son Feasted on his Return”. Similarities to the William Greatbatch Tea Pot and Cover illustrated include cylindrical body with molded decoration at the shoulder and foot, the serpentine shaped handle and the dome shaped cover featuring a molded edge, cherub transfer decoration and flower shaped finial. The Prodigal Son series is illustrated and discussed in “William Greatbatch, a Staffordshire Potter,” by David Barker, pages 229 – 232.