Ship Portrait of “The Sweepstakes” by Thomas Willis

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Ship Portrait of the clipper ship “The Sweepstakes” of New York in 1859.

Signed by the artist, Thomas Willis (c.1840-1925) of Brooklyn, New York.

Silk with oil on canvas.

Held in the original molded, gilt and glass covered frame.

What makes “The Sweepstakes” special? American’s Lloyd’s Register of American and Foreign Shipping, 1859″ has this to say about her:

“The Sweepstakes, though black-hulled like other clippers, bore a stripe of gold, found on only a few others like the N.B. Palmer, and was praised for her sleek lines and speed. Sweepstakes (which was the last clipper to be built by the Westervelt shipyard) gained celebrity for her record-breaking seventy-four-day run from New York to Bombay in 1857, and for making the trip between New York City and San Francisco in only 106 days.”