Staffordshire Platter: Winter View of Pittsfield, Massachusetts

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Staffordshire platter entitled “Winter View of Pittsfield, Massachusetts”, circa 1820.

Legend on back reads: The famous Elm reputed to be 340 Years old (?) when cut down in 1861, was surrounded by a fence.  When the Rev. Thomas Allen the first minister of the Parrish, was Chaplain in Washington’s Army during the Revolutionary War, he organized the men of his congregation into the first Berkshire Minute Men.  He was a minister from 1763-1810 and was with Washington at White Plains and Ticonderoga, returning to Pittsfield full of patriotic ardor.  That Sunday he entered his pulpit wearing a long cloak and the fever of his eloquence grew so upon him that he threw aside his cloak, showing his continental uniform and then summoned the men to the colors.

Bears a Clews’ touchmark on the back of the plate.